EROSCOIN offers not only a decentralized payment mechanism based on the blockchain, but also a sustainable economy that produces, manages & securely send/receive large number of transactions each & every second. It is more than just a coin. It’s a technology poised to disrupt the entire payment industry covering peer to peer payments and mass payments. It is like of a revolution in the peer to peer cryptocurency payment world.

EROSCOIN Payment Card

Use our simplified payment interface to sell crypto currencies instantly at the current market price. EROSCOIN prepaid card works online, offline and internationally, making it simple for customers to use at millions of businesses around the world.

All your EROSCOIN prepaid card transactions are displayed in your account. You can track your pending payments, deposit lists, withdrawals history, and all transactions online, available 24/7 on your own dashboard. You can make a smooth transactions using the virtual currencies in the real world.

Payment Gateway for Small & Medium Businesses

Running Small or Medium sized business? Use our merchant payment tools to enhance the way you receive payments online.

Join the future of payments today

To receive payments instantly, Use our eCommerce selling tools such as Invoice, Router, Subscriptions & Payment Links. Send EROSCOIN to clients or perform a payment using any virtual currencies.

Use our multiple coins wallet powered by EROSCOIN to send/receive, transact and trade multiple currencies at the time.

Start Accepting Bitcoin at your business

  • Free Deposit and Withdrawls instantly using EROSCOIN
  • Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and 600+ currencies
  • Generate invoices for your clients & get paid in crypto.
  • Create payment links to receive an instant payments
  • Spend your funds anywhere on using available crypto currencies
  • Get started now to get secure merchant wallet account

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