Merchant Partnership

Partner with us and get features like automated & instant payment confirmations, daily settlements to your cryptocurrency wallet, customer reports and multi cryptocurrency wallet to accept 650+ cryptocurrencies.

Designed For Businesses

Create & manage seamless shopping experience with our state-of-the-art fraud prevention system and extensive cryptocurrency payment tools for your business.

Fast Onboarding

Join online quickly without the headache of paperwork. Documentations available for merchants.

Multicoin Wallet

Store your incoming transactions in your all-in-one wallet. You can store more than 650+ cryptocurrencies.

Smartphone Apps

Access your account history, pending payments, customer data and invoices through Android & iOS mobile apps.

Instant Settlements

Receive an instant settlements to your account, as soon as the confirmation reaches minimum requirement.

Merchants API

Build your own white-label crypto payment gateway using our API-driven automation tools.

Realtime Dashboard

Get realtime reports of your sales, to help you make faster decisions for your business and products.

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