How to Purchase EROSCOIN?

Learn more about how to invest with us and start earning daily profits.

Follow this guideline to learn about how to investing with our new Trading Market with some easy belows steps.

Step 1:

First of all LOGIN / REGISTER to your valid email address.

Note: You have to confirm your email with confirmation link that we have sent you on mail.

Step 2:

After successful login, you will be redirected to Dashboard page, as shown on image.

Step 3:

Fill amount you want to invest in USD and select currency [ Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ] you want to pay with, and click on Invest button!

Step 4:

After clicking Invest button, you will see transaction details & selected currency payment address.

Then after getting selected currency payment address(below the QR Code), Just copy this address and paste in your wallet.

Once you make a payment on given wallet address, Our system will confirm your payment automatically after confirmations of transaction.

Note: Your transaction will process after 6 confirmations occurs to currency blockchain.

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